Have you ever owned something that you loved from the moment you held it in your hand? This is how I felt about my own personal Veet Infini’Silk.

It was love at first sight and I was not going to let go. I knew I was in possession of a very special little ipl hair removal machine. The Veet was my new obsession for ipl hair removal for me to do at home.

Why the Veet Infini’Silk Obsession?

FYI: This applies to both the Veet Infini’Silk and Veet Infini’Silk Pro (there is 2 Veet machines, equally as good but please read on to find out more…)

Compelled by a motivation on wanting to remove my hair all over my body permanently at home, the Veet Infini’silk and Veet Infini’silk Pro was ‘oh so sweet’ in what it could accomplish for me in the privacy of my home. Behind closed doors I could let my guard down and give the system a try.

I was swayed by the top reasons why it’s so popular:

  • Hair stopped growing, and in most cases permanently gone
  • Safe for home use (advanced features using intense pulsed light)
  • Only four to 5 treatments to optimize effectiveness
  • Ease of operation
  • Advanced professional grade technology
  • It’s been coined as the newest, most popular and best ipl machine for home use.

I was ready for a closer look.

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Up Close and Personal

Veet-Infini'SilkYou need to understand just how much fun and easy it is to utilize the Veet devices for yourself with your own two hands. It is actually quite enjoyable.

So my trial began in a really great spot on my lower leg and giving it a test run, one word to describe the Veet Silk and it is “sweet”.

After spending a small fortune going the professional route where I know for a fact that laser hair removal does work, it was time to make a change as my pocket book was now down to small change.

I had spent about a year at one of the facilities known for being the best at laser hair removal so I had a clue. I knew how it worked, what worked, and how long it should take. So when the time came to bring this technology home I was ready.

The system by Veet was equipped with the same technology base as any med spa or professional grade laser or ipl clinic. With FDA approval that set the bar high this system could be categorized as one of the best in home ipl hair devices.

Needless to say I was sold and ready to begin working on hair removal on my full legs.

To say that I had the longest, coarsest, darkest hair known to man would be a gross and I do mean gross understatement. One thing I did notice or should be determined is what level works best and is most comfortable with this Veet ipl.

It has a setting with 5 being the highest heat level. I took a few test shots and found my level at 4 and 5 were fine but I do have a high pain tolerance so keep that in mind.

Hit Me with Your Best Shot

Veet-Infini-DeviceTo view all product details about both machines, Click Here

I started what seemed like a nerve wracking process covering all areas and the Veet Infini’Silk (if you are interested in the Veet Infini’Silk Pro – read below) removed a large percentage of hair and my legs were like the machine’s name ‘silky smooth’.

I was quite impressed and had to take it up a notch setting my sights on hair removal on my underarms which I dared not reveal under any circumstance. This was truly not a pretty sight and I was determined to deal with it in the comfort of my home with no interruptions.

To protect the skin and pigmentation issues the Veet Infini’Silk has a skin color sensor as a key part of this system thank goodness.

Heads up, it doesn’t work so well on darker skin colors.

And if your currently tanning, you might want to give it a break until your skin colors fades to a lighter shade to get better results.

But don’t worry, the device has a skin sensor. The light is monitored by the skin sensor that is attracted only to targeting the hair root or follicle. Each shot hits the target and moves on to the next.

When that area is done, it is repeated, then within weeks I had smooth legs and underarms that I could reveal with confidence. There is a limit on just how much or long this system will work and that is about 50,000 pulses which is quite adequate to get a lot of hair removed yet this system does have a limit.

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Veet Infini’Silk Pro

Veet-InfiniSilk-ProNow one great obsession deserves another and I found my fingers reaching out for another Veet specialty I had heard some buzz about.

So when I was down to the last few hundred pulses I put the original down and turned my attention to the Veet Infini’silk Pro light based IPL system.

I know that might seem a bit like betrayal but the temptation was too much. It was from the same company so I thought it would be something special.

So I purchased the system which was surprisingly quite cost effective. It arrived and when I opened up the box I saw that what was inside was sleek, compact with a sexy design and just right for my hands and so comfortable to hold.

I could not get over how small and light it was and I could easily manipulate it over my legs, underarms, or even bikini just as well as the original. Now I like to work under utmost safety conditions and the Veet Infiniti Pro was again, FDA cleared, giving me a sense of safety when I applied this tool to my arm, leg, or chin.

In total, it took about 30 minutes tops to cover my long never ending legs with great results. I really developed a deeper appreciation for the Veet. The original could handle my hair removal and the Pro was just that a pro at getting the job done effectively as well.

So What Are the Differences?

Infini’Silk Infini’Silk Pro
Reputable brand Reputable update
Compact Larger more bulky size( still easy to hold)
Gliding and pulsing Pulsing only
2-4 weeks between treatments Designed for both women/men
Ineffective on dark skin/blonde,grey white hair Skin surface sensor (light to fair skin only)
Limited to 50,000 pulses (non-replaceable) 5,000 pulse cartridge (replaceable)
Disposable Indisposable

The Veet is Just too Sweet

So the proof is in the silky smooth legs with the quick and almost effortless work of Veets hair removal systems – the Veet Infini’Silk or the updated Pro.

Either, once used will become your obsession as you set your sights on legs, arms, back and even face.

The differences for me, in favor of the pro, are simple this:

  1. The Pro has an actual trigger that provides more comfortable and precise targeting for hair removal.
  2. The Pro has larger window providing 25% better difference in hair removal
  3. The Pro covers larger area in less time like the legs and arms.

With extensive use and comparison of both the Veet Infini’silk and the Pro the brand veet review is a definite A.

The original completed the job very effectively and with precision while also taking into consideration the necessity of comfort level which it addressed well. The Veet Pro takes the original sweetness and genius to another level harnessing the precision and expanding on this to include men and large areas in a reduced time.

Both systems are worth making a part of one’s cosmetic improvement routine. Veet original or Pro are both sweet contributors to the cause of removing body hair permanently.

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