Remington: It’s your ultimate body hair removal pit-stop

My affair with body hair goes long back when I never used to pay heed to it. The situation worsened when I was made fun of. That’s when the scavenging for a good hair removal machine started. I was looking for a solution that was not only perfect but also something that promised me a permanent riddance. I am glad that the search finally came to an end when I laid my hands on the Remington hair removal machine.

Remington hair removal system

What I was looking for basically was a homely comely solution and my wish was granted by a fairy. No, actually she was my cousin. Well, the way she looks now, close enough!

The moment Remington device entered my life, I kick-started my hair removal project. The results began to show within three weeks and I knew I had found myself a keeper. I used the machine every two weeks for the first three treatments. Surprisingly in betwixt all that time between those weeks, the hair growth was so teensy that one could hardly see it. But I went ahead with the session anyway as I wanted to be on the safer side and keep zapping the hairs away so they wouldn’t return, ever – and 1 year now, I can safely say, they didn’t return (and still haven’t for that matter!)

You know what the best part is? It’s the ease with which you are able to remove your hair. It is sheer bliss. Also, you kind of actually enjoy killing those tiny little rogues. The fact they get obliterated right from the grass root enthused me beyond limit. It was fun (and addictive too!)

How did I fare?

Like a savage I tore open the box and took the device out. I plugged in the cord, which I found to be a really long one, facilitating me to easily move the device around my body. I found the handle to be really comfortable and smooth. Such little things make me quite happy.

I decided to bring Remington laser hair removal device to immediate use. 5 levels of intensity were available for usage.

For me, I chose a 2 since I am kind of a wuss. But decided to up it the moment I realized it wasn’t hurting me at all. I went up as far as 4 for a beginner. It felt cool for me.

Harder to reach smaller areas like bikini, and arm-pits were my first priority. I was surprised how quickly I was able to finish each area, I didn’t think it was going to be that easy. It took me not more than 2 minutes to get the job done under the underarms, both that is and probably about 4-5 minutes on my bikini line.

Then I focused on my legs, leg hair has always been an annoyance of mine – I have absolutely hated shaving my legs for years. Getting rid of my leg hair was one of the primary reasons why I bought this machine, I was just over shaving for 10-15 minutes in the shower every day.

What I hated about shaving, I love about using the Remington I-Light.

Legs were very easy to use the machine on. With larger surface area to cover the machine moved seamlessly across as if I was using some kind of soap. It was right then when I felt I had become a pro at using it.

I would say in % terms, I saw a whopping 80% hair reduction within the first three months and I consider myself the most hairy person ever. So, I went “Eureka! Eureka” all across the hallway, but that is another story.

End of the story is that I have been using it for more than a year now and now it has boiled down to lesser sessions, actually only when needed and only a few patches of hair here and there that I guess I have missed in previous sessions.

Isn’t that crazy? I honestly can’t believe I’m here writing this and sharing this with you all. It’s a dream come true for me, a dream of getting rid of body hair that I’ve always wanted but never thought I’d achieve without spending thousands of dollars at a laser hair removal clinic.

Who is it for?

I have dark hair and light skin so I am considered ‘the perfect candidate’ for using the machine. If this is you, you will get the same permanent hair reduction results as me! So refer to my results above to get an idea of when you will expect to see permanent hair removal results.

However, just let everyone know, if you are a blonde having a lighter shade or have red hair, it isn’t going to work out for you. Also, Remington machine is not good for those who have darker skin.

Sally, my best friend, has dark brown hair and darker skin than me (probably tan). Even she uses the Remington machine and I have never heard her complaining. Susanne, who is a little on the blonde side has a fairly dark tinge to her hair, and she is quite happy with her Remington purchase as well.

Why I Love It

To put everything in a nutshell, I believe it is one of the best hair removal machines I have ever come across. These are the benefits of having it with you:

  1. It is one of the fastest hair removal machines I had the pleasure of buying. My sessions are short-lived, meaning I can focus my attention towards other important things quickly. Even if I start right before going to a party, all I need is maximum half an hour including my makeup chores to be the primped and ready for the party in no time.
  2. Remington gives you quick results too. The hair reduction will be visible quickly within the first few weeks, a road where other devices of the same category fail miserably.
  3. It provides long lasting cartridges that will ensure that you keep at it for years without having to run for new ones. Mine is still up and running and requires lesser maintenance as such.
  4. It is outright perfect for medium to dark haired people. If you have been blessed with it, buy this hands down.
  5. The machine is also immensely effective against fair and light skinned people.

You still here? Go buy it ASAP!

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