I had hair in all the wrong places and as a woman I was desperate for a solution. Instead of my crowning glory this was a different story. Over the last few years I seemed to have become kin to the Sasquatch (LoL). I had grown weary of being on the defensive plucking and waxing the little hair opponents I had. It was time for an offensive strategy to target this baffling enemy in my life. I found allies and found them quickly in the Silk’n Flash&Go hair removal devices.

So was my unwanted body hair gone in a flash? Read on to find out!

The Silk’n Flash and Go Hair Removal Device Explained

Can it remove hair permanently?Silkn-Flash-&-Go

Does flash and go work?

I was going crazy trying to attack my chin hair with what seemed like every few days to no avail.

Then into my life came the Silk’n Flash n Go and I was ready to go with the flow. When it comes to laser hair treatment, my specific focus was on chin hair removal.

This device was an absolute winner. I use this device on my face and so easy. It has lessened my need to tend to my facial hair and I have now decided to work on a few other areas as I’ve read excellent results that it has with bikini laser hair removal.

I would love to be hair free all over my body eventually.

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Going? How Does This System of Laser Hair Removal Work?

Stop…wait a minute I have to share a revelation with the world, not only can you buy the above model, but you can buy it’s upgraded twin. Read on to find out more…..

I was fresh into working on my bikini area when I heard about a relative of the device I had (Flash n go) and that was the Silk’n Flash and Go Luxx. I am a very loyal person and once I find something I tend to stick with it. However, the word Luxx sounded so intriguing. When I think of Luxx, what comes to mind is luxury. It sounds like it had improvements so yes I was satisfied with the original silk n flash but I could not shake the fact that I needed to know if there was something better out there.

The Flash n Go Luxx is the next level model in Flash & Go. Both systems provide attention to sensitive areas while tackling substantial ones such as legs and arms using advanced light energy for permanent hair removal.

Using-Silkn-FlashnGoThese systems will definitely get you addicted in no time. Just how they get the job done with features that rival professional permanent hair removal (laser or ipl hair) is amazing.

Even the actual process is user friendly with gentle light emitting from the hand piece. The light follows a pattern in pulses that target the root of the hair follicle. Once the root is hit, the follicle is rendered weak; and a weakened hair is just what we am looking for. This is where the magic happens – it’s what disables future hair and hampers its growth cycle.

Now one might imagine this as a rather uncomfortable or painful process but I speak to the contrary. I mean who doesn’t want to know how to permanently remove unwanted hair and give it a try?

Comparatively in relation to many other hair removal methods or other systems these are quite tolerable. This may be due to the strength of the light and frequency that is just right.

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Gone? Was My Unwanted Hair Permanently Removed?

Silkn-LuxxNow a huge percentage of my hair was permanently removed and gone forever. Once I saw this after about 5 months, I started becoming a true believer and devoted advocate.

What I love most about the whole procedure was that I was no longer suffering ingrown hairs anymore, hallelujah.

I tried the original silk and go machine and then the flash&go luxx – both are excellent. Statistics show that most women opt to buy these primarily to treat underarms and bikini using the laser.

I figure the reason had to be due to the 4cm² spot size target that was perfect for these small and sensitive areas.

Now with usage of both the Flash&Go and the Flash&Go Luxx I found they are very capable systems on their own. However there are a few things that do set them apart from each other:

Flash&Go           Flash&Go Luxx 
Starter Package Lifetime Package
5,000 pulses 120,000 pulses
Refill cartridges necessary One time purchase/No refills necessary

The Flash&Go and the Luxx models remove hair in any part of the body, where in a flash your hair is gone.

Going, going, gone that is what I can attribute to this brand. I am satisfied with my new best friends and allies that live up to their name over and over again in technology, compact design, and accomplishment of removing my hair permanently from my full body and face, right in the palm of my hand.

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