Don’t you just love your hairless bod? When you wipe down your enemy, doesn’t it fling you into immense pleasure? Well, I am a big fan of my smooth skin when there is no hair to impede my progress as I move my hand all across my body. I like it when I exhume a certain kind of softness. To ensure that I sport a smoother plush look, I make use of only the best hair removal systems available today.

The Promise of Panasonic

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Panasonic ES-WH80 is a cordless hair removal device which has a name capable of passing a chilling sensation throughout your hairy body. Yes! Those aren’t goosebumps you are experiencing instead a titillating reaction of your scared hair. Using the device literally changed the way I used to get rid of my body hair. To be really candid, it was a big help and I intend to share my experience with you, so let’s get into it….

Panasonic is an excellent device to get rid of your hair for good. Read on to find out how:

What You Are Getting Into?

Safe hands! That’s where you will find yourself in. This brilliant hair removal device features the popular IPL technique which is considered to be one of the most popular and best ways of zapping out hair from your body permanently. The Intense Pulsed Light guns out those suckers right from their roots via visible pulses of light. It’s the most effective way of loosing those hideous hairs.

Benefits of the Panasonic ES-WH80 Device

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The best thing was that holding the hair removal device zapper was a breeze. It was easy to carry and had literally no weight. So moving it around your body you wouldn’t be subjected to constant hand pain, which my scrawny friend Helen often complains about with other hair removal machines.

Another great thing I found about it was that it was fully automatic. So I didn’t need to walk through the entire overhead of manually pressing a button as is the case with a lot of machines out there. Some of my friends complain that their finger gets fatigued when you have to constantly need to press a button. I swear, this one is a piece of cake to use.

I had an instant run with it the moment I ravaged through the package. I used it in the following regions, so far really promising: Underarms, legs and bikini line.

The Good News?

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It works. And works well!

In a single run, the hair on these regions I mentioned above were alot, and I mean alot, finer.

After 2 sessions, I started seeing noticeable results of hair loss, not totally gone, but I noticed a reduction for sure. I saw best results on my underarms and bikini but because my legs are a little tanner (as I run with shorts on and they get more tanned compared to my bikini and underarms), I found the results not so quick as compared to my undearms and bikini.

After the 4th session I was pretty amazed that it only had taken 4 sessions to see such a noticeable reduction in hair growth, and when I say reduction, it was a pretty major reduction! I didn’t expect it to be so soon as I was initially thinking that maybe on me, it may take a little longer. I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

I intend to keep using it. The whole experience is starting to feel uplifting as I am seeing less and less hair growth on all places that I’ve used it, underarms, bikini and full legs.

I found 5 intensity settings that were proudly sitting on it just within my thumbs reach. I think I might have used only 70 to 80 flashes so far. The box says it can go up to a whooping 600 flashes, so I still a lot of sessions under my belt to use (so excited!).

The big treatment window that the device sports allows you to grab maximum number of hair in a single go. My session didn’t take long to wrap up. I was getting ready for a party (to show off my sexy smooth legs), and I was surprised to find out how quickly the machine covered both of my legs.

A Word of Advice

A keeper alert!

To get started you just needed to select an intensity setting and start using it by zapping it on your body. I know ‘zapping’ sounds painful, but it really isn’t. The process to follow is to slide and press it against your skin. Keep moving until you cover all your hairy regions. Before you begin, just remember to shave the region you wish to run it on and that’s it!

Stop thinking too much! Just go for it!