No one likes a hairy body. People go “Ugh!” when they look at one, even if you have adjusted your judgmental meter to get used to it, it is indeed still a big turn off. Smooth skin without any hair simply embellishes one’s beauty. It is sexy and you know it!

Unfortunately I learned about being so incredibly embarrassed about my hair growth the hard way.

It was one day when I didn’t shave in the morning and I had a tiny bit (literally a tiny bit!) of hair growth on my legs. I was hesitant to even put shorts on that day but it was so blazing hot I was like, “no-one will notice I didn’t shave”.

Really – I didn’t think it was that bad. But a apparently, it was.

So, it wasn’t until someone pointed it out explicitly in a room full of people that I had ‘thick hair’ on my legs. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. That’s when I decided to embrace the change, a change to find ways of how to get rid of my body hair permanently.

LumaRx IPL Devices: The Change of Mine


LumaRx walked in my life like a savior. Incorporating IPL (Intense Pulsed Technology) whilst delivering immaculate results, the LumaRx devices make use of a visible broad-spectrum pulse of light to get rid of the unwanted hair I dreaded so much my entire life.

Each device (there is two different models) are very safe to use and give professional treatment analogous to the ones you avail of in a laser hair removal clinic with exceptional results.

I like to summarize the brand this way – LumaRx is a brand of perfection.

I can say that after witnessing magnificent results on my body, this machine is delightful to say the least! Yes, my body literally talks now.

Ah! The compliments I get now! It’s like as if I was living a nightmare earlier, and now it’s more like a daydream, from “oh you have quite a bit of hair growth” to… “oh your skin is so smooth” or “you don’t really have much hair growth” (ah hum, I used to!).

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Full Body Hair Removal


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This device, is the first step towards change and the very first device I had ordered. I remember thinking when I first ordered with a skeptic head, I opened the box to reveal a gadget that looked more like a telephone. It had a cord too. Apart from the base unit and hand piece I also received a facial cap, a body cap and a 65000 flash cartridge. One lint free cloth too lurked in one corner of the box.

Vexed at first, but taught by its clear and precise instructions I became a champ in no time – I didn’t realize how easy these things really are to use. As I have dark hair and fair skin, the LumaRx devices are downright perfect for such skin tone and hair color.

That naturally made me an optimal choice. From the instructions, LumaRx recommended three treatments that promised to deliver unmatched results. I was looking for permanent hair reduction so I was really hoping this would be true however, I know one treatment wasn’t going to be enough. So, I decided to give it a shot and started in no time, I needed to start before summer was over.

Three Treatments Later….

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My first treatment was an awesome experience. Moving it through large areas of my body, like my legs and back, took big chunks of hair all at once. It did take some time since I had to prepare my skin by cleaning and shaving it first. Once I was done with that, I checked the area I preened with its skin tone tester. I had to use the body cap in order to remove hair. The speed at which the hair was removed was a 3-second flash.

It also comes with an energy level meter that lets you select the desired energy level. I adjusted the meter and then let it slide on my body. I was able to wrap it up in no time, my undesired hair was on it’s way out!

I was surprised to find out that the hair in the region that I treated didn’t grow at all for the first week. After that, I then ran the whole procedure for the second time, only to find out that I had a notable decrease in hair regrowth. If I were to talk in percentage terms, I guess the results were close to 40-45% hair reduction. The third treatment was the best since it let me stay hairless for a longer time span.

Overall, I believe about 80% of my hair growth has gone completely. It just blew my mind away.

I have often used it on my face too with the aid of its face cap. For face the ideal speed is the 4-second flash. I believe the results were similar on my face as it was on my body parts. When I was focusing on my face, I heard of a much cheaper variant, the LumaRx.

LumaRx Mini


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LumaRx mini hair removal device was a welcome change. It was a miniature version of the above awesomeness, hence the moniker. It’s quite easy to hold and there was less hassle since there wasn’t any cord entailed. The only cord that it tagged along with was a charging cord.

So all you need to do is juice it up once (charge it) and it runs for hours!

It is ideal for smaller areas like the infamous bikini line, facial hairs on your cheeks, chin, underarms, neck, sideburns and above the lips. My primary purpose was to use it for removing my facial hairs, I already had the above machine which I used on my body. I believe, in percentage terms that I have managed a fascinating 90% reduction with regular usage on my face.

It imparts a speed of 5-second flash with around 6000 flashes holed up in one cartridge. Effective results will start showing up two weeks after the first treatment.

What is best, is the fact that incorporates ComfortFilter technology to give its users a pain-free experience. You get a warm tingling sensation akin to a very light elastic snap on the skin, something which is quite bearable for an awesome and rewarding hair removal experience.

I highly recommend both these products. They have literally wiped off my hairy mess, put a smile on my face and made my skin super smooth.

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