Laser & IPL FAQ’s

Whilst we aim to provide simple information on about Laser and IPL hair removal to do at home, we find that many people want to know more information. And that is totally ok, it’s hard to sort through the internet and find answers to your burning questions about it.

So if you are seeking to know more, we hope your questions have been answered below.

If not, leave us a comment on the site and we will endevor to get back to you as soon as we can.

Laser and IPL – I’m confused, aren’t they both the same?

Well, Yes and No. Yes because they both provide the same outcome – they remove facial hair and body hair permanently. No because they are different technology. Laser is a more accurate and single wavelength whilst IPL uses multiple wavelengths.

Which one is better?

It’s not that one works and the other doesn’t, it’s just that laser has tended to have been results than IPL as it’s more focused on the hair follicle.

How many treatments will it take?

This is based on person to person. We are all different, some of us have one hair per follicle and others, have mulitple hairs per follicle. It also depends on how quick or fast your hair grows. Generally, it takes about 6 months to notice a massive permanent hair reduction. Please bear in mind, some people are totally hairless at 3 months, whilst others required up to 9 months.

Can hormones affect treatments?

Yes, its important that you get your hormones under control for maximum effectiveness. You can still use the machines but just bear in mind that you are battling not only your hairs, but your hormones aswell.

Can all hair colors use the machines?

Yes and No. Most people can. Anyone that has brown, black, red, blonde and grey hair can use a home hair removal machine. Anyone that has white hair, it will not work as there is no color pigment in the hair for the machine or device to work.

For more information on which is the right machine for you, read:

Laser & IPL for Brown & Black

Laser & IPL for Blonde, Light, Red & Grey Hair

What body areas can you treat?

This is dependent on the machine but generally you can successfully remove hair from your face (below cheekbones) and your entire body.

Does it hurt?

It’s not completely painless but it’s not painful either. There is a minor discomfort felt during the treatment and your skin afterwards may feel tender or uneasy. It’s recommended to apply numbing gel beforehand and calming gel afterwards. It’s important to follow proper pre-treatment care and post treatment after care to look after your skin.

Are they safe?

Yes, all the machines we have recommended (here) are 100% safe and FDA cleared, approved and regulated.

How long does they take to do?

This depends on how hairy you are and your body part. See below forĀ  rough guide:

Legs – 30 to 45 minutes

Arms – 25 minutes

Stomach – 15 minutes

Face – 10 minutes

Bikini – 15 minutes

Snail Trail – 2 minutes