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Women, since time immemorial, have searched for painless and permanent hair removal solutions. Most women have tried everything from shaving with razors to waxing, threading and plucking. Ouch!

Ouch, is an understatement; these methods not only offer short-term solutions but they also encompass a substantial amount of pain. This is in contrast to the experience of using the iluminage Touch, Tanda Me or Me Smooth systems.

Thanks to modern advancement in technology, razor burns, or painful procedures when you need smooth baby soft hairless skin are outdated – these are now a practice of the dark past.

Best Features

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With the Iluminage Touch, the company claims to permanently remove up to 94% (to be exact, I ain’t no mathematician, nor did I count the % of my own hairs – from personal experience, I’d say it’s even higher at 98%) of your hair from the whole body.

In how long? In as little as seven treatments over a period of six weeks only. Isn’t that great?

It is safe for your face as well. Goodbye unsightly facial hair and the unbearable ripping pain on your face from waxing your upper lip, chin or sideburns too.

For All Skin Tones & Hair Colors

Skin-Color-and-Hair-ColorThis advanced hair removal solution is not only clinically tested and safe to use in all the parts of the body; it is an FDA cleared permanent hair removal solution for all skin tones. This innovative technology takes out the messy and painful part in hair removal and replaces it with blissful convenience and  permanent solution.

Unlike other hair removal devices (like the ones we’ve mentioned here), the iluminage Touch works flawlessly on a wide range of hair colors. From the fairest blonde to dark blonde and even red hair, you are assured of permanent results.

The illuminage touch system uses a patented breakthrough technology – elos- that combines Intense pulsed light and radio frequency to deliver a safe, non-messy way to permanently remove hair. The innovative technology has been clinically approved by dermatologists all across the world.

It pretty much shrinks this spa technology into a personalized permanent hair solution that is safe for home use and that delivers the same results, if not better. So it’s yours to enjoy the same results as you would from visiting a spa minus the hefty price tag – at the comfort of your home.

Using the Tanda Me / Illuminage Touch

Using-the-Iluminage-Touch〈 Buy Now & Get FREE Shipping 〉

The easy to use iluminage Touch boasts various energy settings that allow you to select the most appropriate energy level for your skin type. The device measures 18 cm long and comprises two parts – the precision applicator and the base.

The applicator contains the control settings, while the ergonoimcally designed precision applicator fits superbly in your palm (trust me, not all companies think of this important feature!) which contains the elos technology and two silver RF bars for hair removal.

Simply power up the device, choose your most comfortable settings (remember, start low), press the elos button on the applicator, place the RF bars on your skin in a slow, steady pace, and enjoy flaunting your perfect hairless skin.

Incredibly, this machine affords you the utmost convenience while removing your body hair and painlessly removes hair from your whole body in less than half an hour. The detailed manual guides you on the time requirements for each part of the body.

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