I am literally a bear when it comes to growing body hair. It is really bad, and so I can’t live without a hair removal machine. Well, technically I can, but you get the point. It is hard for me to see myself all clogged up in a hairy ball. Also, hard for others to see me like that. It is a nightmare!

So my affair with hair removal machines is kind of permanent. I have left no stones unturned in order to get myself the perfect hair removal machine, and trust me when I say this, “I have found it!” A permanent solution to get rid of those dreary vandals. Wish to know my little secret? Get in on the bandwagon.

Tria 4X: A Blessing for the Hairy

It would be an understatement if I say Tria 4X just removes hair from my body. For a hairy girl like me, it is literally a godsend. I was hesitant at first when I was trying out new solutions to remove my hair. But when Tria 4X happened to me, it simply changed my life.

It is spot on when tackling with hair follicles. It removes hair from grass root, discouraging its growth with every session. There are 5 comfort levels that let you adjust its pain levels. You can increase the intensity slowly as you become used to it. You know what, I am a fiver nowadays!

It is outright impeccable for areas that are harder to reach. Smaller body areas like bikini line and armpits can be easily reached. I look at these parts once I am done, and say, “You just got served lady!” I know I am crazy. LOL!

How to Use the Machine

Using this machine is fairly easy. Its gun shaped design lets you hold it comfortably. I have made you a step by step guide to see to it your sessions go seamless:

  1. Firstly you have to prep the skin. This requires you to cleanse the area you wish to treat. Shave it and then towel-dry it to kick-start your session.
  2. Take it to the skin that needs to be treated. Turn the device on. Locate the skin sensor which is a red light on the bottom part. Hold it there for a while. It will tell you if the device can be used on your skin tone. If it finds your skin to be suitable, it will beep and unlock.
  3. Choose a treatment level. If you are a beginner I would advise you to start off low. Make your way up to higher levels as per your comfort level.
  4. Put the treatment window flat against your skin and shoot one laser pulse to check if the level is comfortable for you. If it is you can increase the level until it is tolerable.
  5. I advise you to wait for 24 hours in order to check if the skin appears normal. If it does, start blasting those lasers.
  6. Keep at it till you cover the entire area, and there are no more hair enemies to vanquish.
  7. When you are done hold down the power button and it will switch off.

See? Easy peasy!

Keep arranging such treatment sessions every two weeks if you wish permanent results to start showing. After that you can use it when deemed necessary.

Who Can Use Tria 4X?

I have a fairly light skin (a tad brown) and dark hair; it works wonders for me. It works extremely well with medium brown hair as well. I know because Sarah, a close friend of mine, has been using it for the past 1 year without any complaints and she has medium brown hair. It works immensely well with dark brown hair too because Cindy, my cousin who has recently been convinced by me into buying it to tackle her hair problems, seems quite satisfied with her purchase. She couldn’t thank me enough.

PROS of the Machine

Well I found the device to be really helpful. I could easily consider the following as Tria 4X’s winsome pros hands down:

  • It doesn’t have any cords. So no hassles there. You can use it in any corner of your house, even whilst reading a book or watching TV.
  • The machine is fast unlike the other sluggish ones out there. So it is fairly less time consuming. I get some quality job done in a matter of minutes.
  • You get an LED display to make life simpler. It makes life easier for a confused person like me.
  • There is no cartridge replacement conundrum involved here. This means there is no extra cost entailed.
  • Also, since you don’t have to do much cleaning, there is lesser maintenance here.

I highly recommend this product and wish you Godspeed to get rid of those hairy troublemakers at once!

What are you waiting for? Go grab yourself this enchanting hair removal device at once!