Revamp your confidence and bid farewell to hair!

For me personally, I was* a big hairy mess. Hair on my body would* always be a big psychological downer for me. The hormonal imbalance would hurl me into pits of frustration and I would be surrounded by negative vibes most of the time. It was a time for a change, and boy did I make a change!

*Notice to the use of past tense in this article. Thanks to these machines, I am new person, not only hairless but confident and comfortable in my own skin – something I haven’t been used to until I started out using a home hair removal machine.

So are you struggling with facial or body hair?

Is it growing to quickly? Too thickly?

In too many places or just in the weirdest of body parts?

If you are anything like me, you’d be begging for an answer to daily shaving (or painful/confronting waxing sessions), and the feeling of your hair growing as you sleep (not to mention painful ingrown hairs, if you’ve ever suffered from them you know what I mean!) Home-Hair-Removal

So do you need something that actually works?

Yeh I know, there is like – in excess of probably 20-25 laser or ipl hair removal machines out there on the market, yeh you could pick one and buy, but how do you know if what your buying actually works? Or even more so, is it safe?


Don’t waste your so-very-sacred time, your hard earned $dosh and your brain power deciding good from bad, there is only 5 that really need your time, money and attention, so here goes…

Based on my personal experience, these little nifty hair removal machines come with some pretty complicated terms and uses. Laser/IPL/Elos, talk about complexities, settings, hair colors and more! Sure, it’s totally overwhelming but it’s sure worth it and really, quite simple.

I have vetted out the Top 5 home hair removal machines for you.

These have been handpicked based on safety, effectiveness, settings, price, customer service, cartridge life and machine life

Before plunging in, we need to ensure the machine suits your skin tone and hair color, so we need to 2 things: “Does the hair removal machine work on dark hair, red hair, blonde hair?” and also, “does the hair removal machine work on dark skin or fair skin?”

Have a look-see and dive into some of the best right this moment!

Ok So, Here We Have It :-

5 Home Hair Removal Machines That Actually Work!

#5: Veet


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Amongst brilliant home Laser and IPL machines, Veet is a perfect deal. The magnificent Infini’Silk Pro system ensures you get smooth and soft skin with results that are permanent.

For as few as 4 to 5 treatments you will get lasting results that last a lifetime. Click on the central button to turn it on, set the desired energy level from 1 to 5 and point the beam at desired areas – it’s as easy as that! It can be used at home for both women and men indeed, promises outstanding results. Read more of what I think about Veet here…

#4: Silk’n


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Standing proudly among the greatest hair removal machines to use at home, comes the distinguished Silk’n Flash&Go that is both cheap and effective at the same time. Power packed with 5000 pulses, it is a reliable device that promises to treat all areas in your body owing to its compact shape.

Ideal for normal skin to lighter complexions with dark hair, it features a smart sensor that tests the tone of the pigment to be treated, and will not pulse if there is too much pigment in the skin or not enough in the hair. It employs HPL or Home Pulsed light technology which has been FDA approved for safety. Read more of what I think about Silk’n here…

#3: Remington

Remington-I-Light-IPL〈 Buy Now & Get FREE Shipping 〉

The Remington IPL (IPL6000USA I-Light Pro) sports a big head that makes it easier to use in areas like back and legs.

It has cartridges that last between 1500 – 30000 flashes before requiring another, depending on which machines/cartridges you purchase. Standing amongst the best, this FDA approved beauty has a built-in skin tone sensor and five energy levels that allow you to set the power of the beam as per your preference. It is based a home IPL machine that has been carefully researched to ensure any risk factors are minimal whilst giving you a quality experience. The home IPL device pays more heed to the ease of usage factor. It works really well on medium to dark hair on light to olive skin.

Remington has different variants with its own uniqueness. Remington IPL6000 was the oldest model. Improvements were made and now the following three products from Remington are available based on the number of flashes they have and the hair reduction effectiveness:

For More: Remington IPL Machines to Remove Body Hair

#2: Tanda

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Imagine a machine that stands by the principle of “one for all”! The answer is right here. The Tanda Me Smooth machine makes use of ELOS technology which utilizes radio-frequencies and laser to deliver top-notch results. It is a safe machine that works on all skin tones and most hair colors.

Remember, Tanda Me is a machine for everyone! It really doesn’t matter if you have dark hair, blonde or light hair or greyish hair, the machine effectively can work on a wide variety of hair colors. It is an at home hair removal technique that afflicts the least amount of pain, there is barely any stinging or snapping involved which makes its usage comparatively better. Go for this hair removal machine at once!

For More: Tanda Me Elos Iluminage Machines

#1: Tria

〈 Buy Now & Get FREE Shipping 〉

Indulge into buying one of the biggest names in the hair removal industry. Tria brings to you an FDA cleared wonder that is the best laser hair removal device to use at home, namely the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X.

I’ve personally used the Tria, you can read more about my experience using the Tria 4X Laser for hair removal here.

Get laser kissed smooth skin that promises to stay for a long time if you use this device once every two weeks. It is a brilliant device that works great with dark hair and lighter skin tones (from tan/medium brown and lighter). You can enjoy it’s advanced features that include faster treatment times, a pulse counter and an LED display to garner the best results. Shaped for easy use and handling, it has a great grip that makes for an enjoyable hair removing experience.

No cords, machinery or cartridges entailed here so this means no unnecessary overheads! What makes it the best is the fact that unlike others it doesn’t entail cartridge usage, which means zero maintenance costs forever! Mere charging will suffice and your ready to zap!

More About Me And How I Got Here

Because of my (historically) insane body hair, I’ve been called everything you can think of. From a grizzly bear to a walking ball of fur! You name it.

The bottom-line is however “You can’t change people. But you certainly can change yourself” – so what did I do? Got into permanent hair removal!

All those piercing expletives found their way straight to my heart. But can we really put a zip to their mouths? It is a mean world out there. They don’t spare anybody. So many times I have come under the scanner for my hairy body.

Always ending in every group as the butt of the joke! I would sneakily try to cover it up with, “It’s natural!” or try to come with a comeback so that they would leave me out of it and turn the cannon onto somebody else.

But those were the days and they are not longer ruling my life!

Sizzling in a complete hairless makeover now, thanks to this awesome technology that allows us to do it at home, I am no longer struggling with my own body hair issues nor am I  having to shave almost everyday and look at the sight of my hair growing as I speak. These relatively new hair removal devices are an absolute l-i-f-e-s-a-v-e-r!

It is cost-effective to go for these techniques instead of tangling up in the intricacies of a hospital or clinical treatments. Regular visits to hospitals and doctors is very daunting and time consuming. You could save them both by going for any of the above to use at home instead.